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Worthy Brother Knights:

I hope you all had a merry and blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.

In our December meeting, the council decided that since we no longer owned a building, we should reduce our yearly dues. A few years ago, we raised the yearly dues by $24 to help with building maintenance costs. Now that this is no longer an issue, it was agreed that it was only right to reduce the dues. So the council voted to reduce the yearly dues from $64 to $40. Something was mentioned during our discussion to set the yearly dues amount that bears repeating here: We will never let a person’s ability to pay dues be a factor in any membership decision.

Our District Deputy, Paul Romanelli, attended the meeting. In his report he mentioned that the State Convention will be held in Wisconsin Dells at the Chula Vista Resort on Mother’s Day weekend. The plan is for the convention to end on Saturday. Sunday would be a family day. He also mentioned that the Tootsie Roll Campaign will be going forward in the spring of this year as it had in pre-pandemic days, and to get our order for Tootsie Rolls in.

Another topic of discussion is that we don’t seem to be doing as much as we used to as a council. There’s a lot of truth to that. One could always blame the continuing pandemic and issues relating to it as the reason for that. The sale of the building took a lot of our time and energy last year. But don’t forget we didn’t let the pandemic or the building sale take away from our charity fundraising or the beer concession at Harry’s Place. You can look at the Knightline from the last couple of months if you want to review the figures.

We do have a couple of things coming up in the spring that will need our attention at the January meeting: Scholarships and the Toostie Roll Campaign. I would like us to use the remainder of the meeting to do planning for the upcoming year. I think that the first part of the planning should be the slate of officers, and then how we’re going to do recruiting. We have had the same slate of officers for the last three years, and I think it’s time for a change. Those are my ideas. Bring yours.

That’s if for this month. Stay healthy. Stay positive.

Go with God.
Paul Klespis-Wick
Grand Knight, Council 605